The Push For Pool and Spa Safety


The pool and spa industry, manufacturers, national safety councils/leagues and departments of health and safety help homeowners understand the risks involved with pools by demonstrating what can be done to prevent incidents. Despite the many different techniques, products and materials available, everyone agrees on one issue: Layers of protection offer the best insurance.
The most important  layer pool owners should provide is caretaker caution. Many water accidents occur because one parent “thinks” the other parent is watching the child, and vice versa. Always appoint a designated poolside caretaker.

Swim classes are available across the country. National groups, local community pools and private swim instructors help people of all ages learn to swim. A surprising number of adults can’t swim, yet they enjoy their backyard pools in many other ways. Make sure you and your family members know how to swim. You don’t have to swim laps or compete with anyone; just make sure you can swim to safety.

Teaching children to swim early in life adds another layer of protection. Benefits of swimming lessons extend far beyond reducing accident risk: An early swimmer has more confidence throughout life, and the physical benefits of working young muscles in a pool are beyond comparison.

Florida’s Palm Beach County is home to some of the world’s innovators in swim instruction for infants and children. Rob McKay, president of the Lifestyle Swim School in Boca Raton, Fla., and heralded as an expert with young children, offers swimming lectures across the globe. He says several key points can determine a child’s acceptance of swimming.

“Make it fun,” he says. “Infants and toddlers have a natural love of water and water-play. Forcing can be traumatic. Fears must be overcome before children accept water as a comfortable habitat. Parents should be in the pool with their children during lessons,  he advises. “They know the child’s moods better than anyone, and it provides added security, making children relaxed and willing to participate.

Rob begins by working on above-water skills, including kicking, blowing bubbles, shimmying along the gutter and getting the face wet in playful activity. He suggests lessons be short. Learning and physical activity at these ages is tiring – 15- to 30-minute lessons is ample.

Once you know how to swim, never do it alone. A bump on the head, a mouthful of water, and other seemingly trivial events have been known to cause devastating accidents.

Carefully build your layers of protection with this advice, and with products that can help insure the safety of those you love.

Roy Burden: Custom Swimming Pool Ideas

Roy Burden: Custom Swimming Pool Ideas

To have a custom pool in Woodlands is like getting a personal paradise retreat. Yes, this

is definitely true as you can consider their swimming pool not just to cool off and

exercise but to experience a very relaxing atmosphere. All these goodness can be

attributed to the seasoned pool builder and designer Roy Burden. The construction of

Woodlands custom pools are tailored based on the homeowner’s requirements with

regards to its size, shape, accessories and ambience.

The swimming pools are built to accommodate the diversity of the surroundings in

Woodlands. Moreover, the contractors also made sure that such pools are able to

improve the overall appearance and value of the house. Hence this would result to a

greater resale value of the properties with these pools. There are however essential

things to consider if you want to have Woodlands custom pool uniquely constructed in

your own backyard.

Determine your budget

Make sure to know the average cost of getting your own swimming pool. Take note that

pools built in Woodlands would require a 20% variance, so better check on this. You

should also understand that putting more accessories and extras such as lighting,

fountains, infinity edges and more would result to bigger costs.

Find a reputable contractor

Searching for the best pool builder and designer would involve several factors to look

into. Make sure to compare one designer to the other with regards to their prices,

experience and reputation in the business. Roy Burden is an expert pool contractor in

Woodlands, Texas with years of experience in building custom swimming pools.

Moreover, also ensure that the contractor strictly follow certain construction

regulations and codes. In most cases, a professional swimming pool builder will present

to you a set of architectural plans which includes the designs and specifications. You

have to think of it carefully without the rush so you can make the right decision.

Actually, customized swimming pools aren’t that inexpensive, so be sure to make an

investment that is worth your money.

Final reminders

Don’t forget to ask for the contracts. Remember that a pool construction should have a

legally binding agreement between you and the contractor. And this should state the

contracted cost and other matters relevant to the building of the pool. A smart

homeowner should always consider some of the important aspects mentioned to find a

good pool builder. Get more details from Roy Burden at