What to Do With Wrinkled Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners


There are some chemical conditions that can cause a vinyl swimming pool liners to wrinkle. Wrinkles most often occur in swimming pool liners during the winter, when the swim pool is closed and the water level is lower.

How can you get the wrinkles out of vinyl swimming pool liners?

During the construction of a pool, the hole that is dug is slightly larger than the pool, and the dirt that is backfilled is not as compacted as the undisturbed soil around it. This can create a “bowl” which holds water for a while before that water is absorbed into the surrounding soil. When the level of this groundwater outside the vinyl lined swimming pool comes up to or is higher than the water in the swim pool, the vinyl liner is in a “floating” situation. As the water on the outside of the swim pool liner is absorbed into the soil, the liner is again pressed against the pool support structure, but not always like it was originally. The result? Wrinkles.

How can they be removed?

Groundwater often comes from the landscaping, surrounding the swimming pool, directing rain/snow runoff water under the pool deck and into the area around the pool. It is important that this be corrected by directing all runoff water away from the pool area. Check where your gutter downspouts direct the water.

If you have just removed the cover to your pool, and have not filled the pool with water yet, and you have found that the liner is “floating”, now is a good time to prevent wrinkles from forming. As you are adding water to the pool you will be able to move the liner around to position it as it should be as it begins to sit back against the walls and floor.

You can do this using a pole with the pool brush on the end or by padding the end of the pole with a rag. Do not push so hard that you poke a hole in your liner. You will need to “baby-sit” the filling process until the liner is firmly seated.

What if your pool is full and there are wrinkles in the liner? If there are only a few small wrinkles, you may be able to remove these by using a toilet plunger. By plunging around the wrinkle you can spread out the liner in that area thereby removing the wrinkle. Do not plunge directly on the wrinkle but rather just above, below, or to the side.

If the pool is full and there are too many wrinkles to plunge out or the wrinkles are so large as to be folded over we would strongly recommend calling in your local pool service professional. When the liner has folded over, it will most likely require draining the pool and resetting the liner to correct.

Anytime you drain a pool, there is the possibility of structural damage taking place. This is not the time to scrimp. You could lose the whole pool.

Credits to:  Woody McDowell

New Swimming Pool Trends

2015 has come and gone. Last year was filled with amazing pool and landscaping designs with inspiration found anywhere from magazines to a friend’s backyard and social media! With this inspiration came popular ideas for pool design.

Tanning ledges

tanningWhat is a tanning ledge?  It’s an area of your pool that has less water.  Tanning ledges are perfect for relaxing in a chaise lounges or they’re great for kids and dogs who don’t want to venture out into deeper water.  Tanning ledges are available in fiberglass, vinyl and concrete in-ground pools.

Heat/Cool Heat Pumps

Never let the weather control your swimming pool temperature again!  Modern, efficient heat pumps for pools work just like a heat pump for your home.  Some models even offer heat pumps that cool as well as heat the water!

Glass Tile

tileAll concrete pools and many fiberglass pools have a six inch wide band of tile along the waterline of the pool.  This is required on concrete pools to prevent staining the surface of the pool.  Waterline tile is added to fiberglass pools for aesthetics, but it is not required because the gelcoat surface of the pool in incredibly durable. Glass tile is made of small squares or rectangles of colored translucent glass glued together on a 12”x12” sheet.  The sheet is divided in half and applied to the pool.  It is available in a myriad of colors and its stunning appearance can really make a big visual difference in your backyard in-ground pool!

Fire Bowls

fire-bowlFire bowls are a striking feature that’s guaranteed capture everyone’s attention.   At night they can take your backyard ambiance to a whole new level. Fire bowls are low maintenance and can be easily switched on and off manually or automatically.   They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Leaving your Pool During Holidays


A very common concern we get this time of year, “I’m going on vacation, and no one will be here to take care of the pool.” As we all know, an unattended pool will not stay clear and algae free for long If you are going on vacation, or going away for a few days, there are some steps you need to take. Few things to think about before you leave the pool alone.


Water level is very important. If the level goes down, then the filter will not operate properly check and adjust your pH, then shock the pool water. Add a dose of swimming pool algaecide as well. Make sure to backwash, or clean the filter and pump and skimmer baskets before leaving.

The best thing to do while your away, is ask someone to pool-sit for you.  If you do give someone permission to use the pool while you are away, put all instructions in writing, so they have it handy, make available the phone number for your favorite pool service company. Just in case your pool sitter needs some help.

If you have a mesh safety cover, install it before you leave. Having a safety cover on the pool not only reduces filtration and sanitation demand, but it keeps the pool clean. Also, installing your mesh safety cover keeps fence-jumping neighborhood teenagers from using your pool, and more importantly, may prevent a tragedy from an unsupervised pool.

The most important thing about leaving your pool unattended is safety. Get a pool alarmmake sure all gates and fences are working and in good repair. Lock the gates. Remove anything around the property that can be used to help climb a fence. Chairs, storage boxes must be removed from the fence line.

Do not turn the filter system off before you go away. The filter system should run several hours per day. If you have an automatic timer, set it to allow the pool filter to run at least 8 hours per day.

If you are going to be away for more than a month, then consider “winterizing” the pool. Drain all of the equipment, lower the water level, and add a good dose of chlorine and algaecide. Then install your pool cover, and forget about until you get back.

The other alternative, is hire a local pool company to look after the pool while you are away. It’s usually not expensive, and many pool service companies offer “Vacation Pool Maintenance” and will keep an eye on things while you are away.

Swimming pool Fun activities


Here are some best swimming pool activity ideas great for spending Family bonding

Dive In Movie Night: watch a “water” themed movie while floating in the pool Have everyone bring something to float on. Relax in the pool and under the stars with family and friends. It’s the perfect way to spend a Friday summer night.

Water Joust: This activity is always a hit Two people stand on a large raft and battle each other with noodles or blow up toys like the traditional joust game you can use  traditional “queen size” inflatable mattress made for the water. Have a championship at the end for those with the most wins. For large groups only a few can participate; but it’s a great spectator sport.

Watermelon Polo: Get a small to medium sized watermelon and smear it in some sort of petroleum jelly like Vaseline. Float a hula hoop on each end of the pool and divide into teams. Play water polo with the greased melon and the floating hoops as goals. Great fun!

Invisi-bottle Take an empty clear 2 liter plastic bottle. One with a white cap, or the same color as your pool tiles is also a good idea. Fill the bottle with pool water and line the players up on the pool deck, backs to the water. When they hear the splash they can turn around and try to find it. It’s harder than it seems as the bottle camouflages to the bottom.

Atomic Whirlpool- Have everyone start slowly moving around in a circle, then move faster and faster and faster until a whirlpool is created and you can float on it. (Works better in a smaller pool.)

F-I-S-H The basketball game HORSE has people taking stunt shots, miss a shot get a letter. First to spell HORSE loses. For FISH, you can play with a poolside basketball net, or you could just have players go back and forth doing dives, splashes, and other acrobatic

Chicken Fight this is for the older kids, and maybe even for the parents. Ahem. Ride piggy back on the shoulders and then engage the other team. First one to fall of their ride’s shoulders loses. All sorts of age appropriate punching, kicking, and hair pulling is encouraged.

Pool Information and Construction

Blog author from atlantispoolsandspasinc

When choosing a pool builder there are a few things you need to know.
First all pool builders are not the same. Second all pool builders don’t build
their pools the same. Third all pool builders don’t build the same quantity of
pools as each other. Fourth all pool builders don’t have the same amount of
projects going as each other. If you are still with me you are probably asking
yourself, “So what, who cares?”

Well here is a breakdown of why these questions matter. The first thing to
think about comparing pool builders is they are only as good as their ethics,
knowledge and skill level. Just as in home building or car building. Many
builders want to finish there jobs as fast as possible. Many want to build as
many pools as possible. Many want to save as much money as possible on each job
to maximize profits.

When most families decide they want to have a swimming pool built they call 3
or 4 “pool builders” and ask for a “bid”. The reason for this is they are not
familiar with pools and try to “learn” how it’s done. The problem with this
approach is pool are built with varying levels of material and
workmanship. Without everyone using the same plan with specifications you end up
looking at a bunch of different plans with different equipment and a wide range
in pricing. This usually ends up being a little confusing when all the “bids”
come back. So don’t throw out the highest bidder without really comparing what
is included in each bid.

The last point I am making you may be thinking this guy made a typo. No I
mean Quantity not Quality. A pool builder that builds 25-40 pools a season vs.
one that builds 65-100 is not the same. The more pools you build goes into our
last point. How many projects do they have going at the same time? We all have
the same amount of time per season to build so if Pool company “A” builds 35
pools and company “B” builds 65 pools. Then logically company “B” has more
projects going at the same time, almost twice as many. So which company has
better focus on their projects then? Company “A” I would say.

This is in fact not how it is. In just about every market in the U.S.A. there
is at least one pool builder that is looking out for your best interest. These
builders are often referred to as “up scale” builders. In fact they are “up
quality” builders. We are that builder in our area and we recommend you seek
that builder out in your area.

The fact of the matter is you may pay $54,000.00 for a pool from an “up
quality” builder
vs. $48,500.00 from a “quantity” builder and actually save
money! Just be sure you know what you are getting before you sign on the dotted