How to Protect your Pool during Winter

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Freezing can create costly damages to your swimming pool. The best way to protect your pool from freeze damage is to prevent it by winterizing your pool. Prevent freeze damage from destroying your backyard paradise.

Above Ground pools

The most susceptible to winter freezing and need extra care and attention during the winter months to ensure they are not damaged by the freezing water.

The following explains why above ground pool walls collapse or fail:

The skimmer catches water which then freezes, causing the skimmer to become too heavy for the wall to support, this eventually causes the walls to collapse.

An expansion pushes out against the walls causing the walls to buckle under the immense pressure and weight of the ice

Tip: Purchase a skimmer cover, and use air pillows under the winter cover

Inground Pools

Ensure the pipes and equipment are clear and insulated before a freeze. If pumps aren’t removed during winter they run the risk of cracking due to the expansion of the frozen water trapped inside. Skimmers can crack due to pressure of freezing and thawing ice so place a Gizzmo in the skimmer to seal the skimmer pipe so it can absorb pressure from ice. Anti-freeze can be added to the skimmer line, return line and main drain line to prevent freezing, use a swimming pool anti-freeze.

In areas that don’t need to close or winterize pools, keep pumps running during winter to prevent water from freezing.

W1035_fWinterizing kits: for correct chemical balance throughout the winter months and protection of all non-chemical elements of your swimming pool






Blowers: Clears pipes and equipment of water prior to being plugged and insulated to protect them from the elements






Skimmer Faceplate Covers: prevent your skimmer from retaining water which can freeze and possibly damage the pool wall






Gizzmos: are designed for inground skimmer ice expansion protection






Water tubes and air Pillows: are used under winter covers for ice expansion prevention



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